Your source for slammin' Rock and Roll...! If you're looking for great, high energy, danceable rock & roll, look to The Gamut. Featuring music predominantly from the 80's to present, The Gamut highlights rock from great acts such as Journey, Boston, Heart, Bruno Mars, Aerosmith, Benatar, AC/DC, Guns & Roses, Bon Jovi, Styx, REO, Def Leppard, Walk The Moon, and a ton more!

Gamut heads into Fall 2022 and news on '23! 

Hello kids!  Just wanted to say that the band is feeling fantastic about our venues, the super great people we've met this year, the tons of friends and fans who come out and see us so often, and the great gigs we've got coming up for the balance of the 4th quarter in '22!  It seems that every week we play, the energy level ticks up another notch and the engagement we get back from you all is awesome!  We look forward to rockin' everyone right up to the end of the year.... completing our 40th!  WOW!  The players have changed over the decades (except for Mark!), but the brother and sisterhood remains with our current line-up, and all our alums from over the years.  What a mind-blowing trip it's been and continues to be.  

2023 is looking even MORE exciting!  We already have over 40 gigs booked, which includes 3-4 new venues, and more planned!  We have the BEST friends and fans anyone could ask for, and your loyalty and attendance at so many of our shows are completely humbling. 

Thank you so much Gamutians, and let's keep rocking it out kids!  As it has always been.... We love ya man.

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