Your source for slammin' Rock and Roll...! If you're looking for great, high energy, danceable rock & roll, look to The Gamut. Featuring music predominantly from the 80's to present, The Gamut highlights rock from great acts such as Journey, Boston, Heart, Bruno Mars, Aerosmith, Benatar, AC/DC, Guns & Roses, Bon Jovi, Styx, REO, Def Leppard, Walk The Moon, and a ton more!

2023 UPDATE! 

The band is at full throttle at this point in the year and we are picking up many new venues,  and expanding into different areas of town (West side, Indiana, Northern Kentucky, Dayton etc). In addition, we've been working on many new songs and material for your listening pleasure!  If you haven't seen Gamut in a while, you haven't seen Gamut.  We firmly believe that our audiences listen with their eyes!  Energy, interaction, and just plain good times are part of every show, as well as the best classic and some current rock you'll ever sing and dance along to. Check out the Shows page and see where our gigs are for the rest of the year.  More added every week! 

Thank you so much Gamutians, and let's keep rocking it out kids!  And as it has always been.... We love ya man.

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